' The Desert Rose Ranch & Winery - About Us & Our Family of Employees!

About Us & Our Family of Employees!

About Us

Bob grew up on a large cattle ranch in the high desert country of Eastern Oregon that Linda often visited as a teenager. Bob’s grandfather homesteaded the property that was eventually expanded to several thousand acres by his father and uncle (parts of the original homestead are still in family hands!). Bob’s agricultural roots – and especially the desert connection – are honestly held and go back for generations on both family sides. Linda’s father was in the construction business, which took her family to all of the western states as he rotated work between assignments.  

Their married life followed the same vagabond route and they travelled to virtually every corner of the world. They were exposed to many other cultures and living conditions that were sometimes enviable and other times downright dangerous. Currency from the countries they lived in or visited is displayed in the “million dollar” (well almost!!!!!!!) bar top in the tasting room.  

Homemade wine was a part of Bob’s upbringing and he has continued that tradition into their own family. He has now been making wine for some 40 years (oops – that dates him!!).

Since retiring from the Federal government and then relocating to the Hume area, they first started a successful horse operation that included breeding, boarding and training. (Check out our website for more about the ranch). They then decided to grow a small plot of grapes for family use and like many hobbies – that has now morphed into another major life pathway.  Desert Rose is surrounded by some of the best vineyards and wineries in Virginia and Bob and Linda decided to join the industry in our own winery adventure.  They continue to run the ranch operation and you might find a horse-related activity underway during your visit.


About Our Family of Employees

As soon as you walk into Desert Rose, you feel welcomed and at home. It could be the warm colors on the walls, the “homey” decorations, the warm fireplace, or maybe it’s the welcome you get when you walk in the door. We want all of our guests to feel at home and like they belong.

We couldn't make it without our dedicated employees, so we would like to throw the spotlight on them. They're not only employees and friends, they are our family as well! 


Alix - Tasting Room Staff

Allison - Tasting Room Manager

Beth - Special Events / Tasting Room Staff

Carmen - Tasting Room Staff

Clara - Tasting Room Staff

Courtney - Tasting Room Staff

Daniela - Tasting Room Staff

Kathleen - Tasting Room Staff

Stephanie - Tasting Room Staff

Terri - Wine Club Manager

Contact Info

Phone: (540) 635-3200

13726 Hume Rd.
Hume, VA 22639

Open every day of the week, Noon - 6pm


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