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Our motto is that “we take our wine and wine making very seriously” but not ourselves.  We will strive to put the absolute best product that we can in the bottle but we also believe that the sharing of wine should be one of life’s pleasures best enjoyed with laughter, good food and in the company of family and friends.

We here at the Desert Rose Ranch & Winery have a passion for classic cars, beautiful horses and fine wine. Each in their own way brings a zest to our life that we love sharing with our friends and family. Virginia is now producing wines that rival the quality of any produced in the world and we are proud to be a part of that trend.

We are far more interested in learning how our customers describe our wines rather than attempting to develop the latest catchy phrase.  The only “leather” and “terroir” then that you are likely to hear us discussing will be our saddles or mud on our boots.  We will gladly, however, discuss the more scientific aspects of our products for those interested but are far happier when we hear our customers simply say – “that wine was pretty good”!


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Phone: (540) 635-3200

13726 Hume Rd.
Hume, VA 22639


1-30 Nov: Thur to Mon 1-6pm

1 Dec-31 Mar: Fri to Sun 1-6pm

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